Smeink Car Design

Emiel Smeink born 1984 in Heemstede proud owner of Smeink Car Design.Raised in the automotive industry. In 1920 it was great-grandfather Antoon Smeink who opened the first taxi company in Bussum (20 minutes from Amsterdam). Working with cars is in his heart and soul at Emiel and has developed his own passion for the more luxurious and special cars. With over 22 years of experience in the automotive industry and his technical background, this is the formula for putting together a beautiful car collection. Smeink Car Design is a family business that stands for quality, service and trust. This is central to Smeink Car Design.

Fast switching is a must and we are well aware of the latest developments in the automotive industry. We offer a complete range and we look at what is possible.
Smeink Car Design has built up a large and trusted network and personal contact distinguishes us from others. Smeink Car Design crosses national borders where our network is also sufficient. Imports and exports are therefore arranged down to the last detail. This allows us to shorten delivery times extremely and you can enjoy your dream car sooner.

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